Anna Marie’s Holiday Catering

Anna Marie's holiday catering

Anna Marie’s Holiday Catering season starts now. As the weather turns and the temperatures cool, we’re ready for our favorite time of the year. Our team is ready to serve you for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Family gatherings, friends over for dinner and for those nights when cooking just isn’t an option, start placing your orders now.

Anna Marie’s Holiday Catering

Our options include a half tray (serves 6-8 people) and a full tray (serves 1-15 people) of almost any menu item.

Starters – Cold or Hot Antipasto, Baked Clams Oreganata, Mussels, Calamari and Mini Arancini Rice Balls. These are a few examples of the wonderful dishes we serve to get the party started.

Salad – Everyone loves a salad at a party. Try or Caesar, Caprese or Garden Salads and keep everyone happy.

Pasta – Our pastas have so many combinations and possibilities it’s impossible to list them all. A few of our favorites are Chicken Alfredo, Ravioli, Stiffed Shells and Meat Lasagna. Hearty and filling, these keep your party and the conversation going. Watch the conversation shift from the weather to how good the food tastes. Keep our number handy so you can let them all know.


Our pizza has been the topic of conversation since we opened. Guests fr5om NYC to California and everywhere in between have provided their positive reviews. They’ve used our pizza box as artwork and that’s not an exaggeration. We’re just so happy to be able to serve up great pizza that evokes such great memories. We’ll see you soon.

Anna Marie’s Italian Cuisine

Family owned and operated we take the holiday season to heart. It’s the best time to spend time with loved ones, relax a little and get ready for the year ahead. Get your holiday started with catering from Anna Marie’s Italian Cuisine.

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