History of Mozzarella Cheese

History of Mozzarella Cheese

This history of mozzarella cheese began in Italy. Made from the rich milk of water buffalo, mozzarella was first made near Naples. Using non-pasteurized milk and little or no refrigeration available, the cheese had a very short shelf-life. As a result, mozzarella seldom left the southern region near Naples. With increased technology around refrigeration and transportation the cheese spread to other regions.

However, to this day it is widely known that the most highly prized artisanal produced buffalo mozzarella is still found south of Naples near Battipaglia and Caserta. This is where small factories continue centuries-old traditions. They make fresh buffalo mozzarella for local customers, who line up daily to buy this delicacy.

Caprese Salad

The history of the caprese salad also dates back to post World War I Italy. Today, Buffalo mozzarella is served sliced in a Caprese Salad is ordered. The creamy cheese combines with the tomato and balsamic vinegar to make an amazing combination. This is an instant classic.

United States Mozzarella

When eating pizza in the Unites States, chances are you’re eating Grande mozzarella from Wisconsin. A little different than buffalo mozzarella, it has a lower moisture content. This difference makes it better for pizza. At Anna Marie’s we use Grande cheese for all our pizzas.

While there are many less expensive cheeses for pizza, none compare to the quality. We only serve quality and it shows with every dish.

Anna Marie’s Italian

With our Chef and Owner Raffaele Pota born in Italy, we know cheese and the history of mozzarella. It is the start and end point for almost every dish we serve. When you’re in the mood for some fantastic Italian dishes, come visit us at Anna Marie’s. We are Your Neighborhood Italian Restaurant!

Reservations for special occasions are requested. Please call us at (705) 605-3800 to speak with our staff.

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