Summerlin Pizza Delivery

Summerlin Pizza Delivery

Summerlin pizza delivery is fast easy and it all starts at Anna Marie’s Italian Cuisine. While we use third party service apps, our pizza is still delivered hot and fresh. Get your next Anna Marie’s Summerlin pizza delivery from DoorDash, Postmates or GrubHub

It Starts With Dough

At Anna Marie’s Italian Cuisine, we start every pizza with the freshest pizza dough anywhere. Made fresh daily, we use our proprietary blend of ingredients producing a light fluffy crust. When we place a pizza in our traditional oven or wood fired pizza oven, they come out hot, fresh and ready to please the pallet. A fresh pizza out from the oven is one of the greatest sites to see.

Family Pizza Sauce Recipe

San Marzano tomatoes really make the sauce and these imported gems are the driving force behind the tangy taste of an Anna Marie’s pizza.  The truth is our recipe is a family secret that has been passed down for generations. We’re sure you can figure out the basic ingredients but it’s the secret part that’s important. We’re so proud of what were building at our restaurant because we get to keep the family tradition alive.

Customized Toppings

As with any pizza, you get to make it your way. Add any topping to create that special taste that is just right. Come back time and time again but we have so many toppings you can always order something new.

Anna Marie’s Italian Cuisine

As a family owned and operated restaurant, we provide the best Italian food in Las Vegas. We receive fresh, imported ingredients every week from the best food distributors in the valley. Our staff is constantly working behind the scenes preparing the freshest ingredients. When you want Summerlin pizza delivery, look for Anna Marie’s on DoorDash, Postmates and GrubHub.

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