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Summerlin Pizza Spotlight

Summerlin Pizza Spotlight

In the Summerlin pizza spotlight it’s our Grandma pie (also known as Nonna’s Pie). A thin crust pizza, made on a sheet pan that resembles how Grandma would make it. It’s baked in our ovens with a golden-brown crust and bubbly cheese. Simple, crunchy, tasty and a big hit with regulars and first-time guests.

First, our dough is always fresh to deliver the best quality product available. A family secret, we get asked to sell our dough all the time.

Second, our sauce is always made from scratch with the best imported and local ingredients, including tomatoes from Italy. We get asked by customers to sell our sauce too.

Above all, our mozzarella cheese is the finest available, giving every pie that gooey cheese stretch. You know, the Instagram worthy kind! This entire recipe is easy and that’s what makes it so good.

Meanwhile, the Summerlin pizza spotlight sheds light on this unique pie. To be clear, the Grandma Pie is not a Sicilian Pie. The Sicilian has a thicker crust, more like deep dish. It’s a completely different pizza.

As a rectangle, the grandma pieces are cut large and square but are thin. The thin crust gives it a crunch like no other. The tangy sauce and amazing cheese combine for a spectacular pizza experience. But if you haven’t tried one, now is the time.

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