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Anna Marie’s Pizza Making

Anna Marie's Pizza Making

Anna Marie’s pizza making tradition runs in the family. Direct from Italy, Rafaele Pota and his parents moved to the East Coast of the United States. This is just the beginning of the story as his pizza making skills begin to take shape. Working at his craft for years, Raffaele utilizes the skills learned from a previous generation and is now an expert pizza maker himself. Therefore, this is a source of pride for the elder Pota.

Passing down the pizza making tradition takes time. In other words, learning the technical aspects of dough making is a process in itself. Working in a smaller family owned pizza shop in Las Vegas Raffaele’s son, Anthony Pota, learned the craft. From stretching the dough to applying the sauce and placing the toppings, Anthony learned the art of the perfect pizza from the ground up, just like his father.

Today, the younger Pota works side by side with his father making some of the best pizza in Las Vegas. Voted Best of Las Vegas, the pizza making tradition is holding strong. Using the finest ingredients available, Anthony hand crafts each pie daily from fresh made dough to the incredible topping choices. Anna Marie’s pizza making tradition continues to thrive as the legend of their family recipes grows larger by the day.

Anna Marie’s Italian Cuisine

As a family owned and operated restaurant, we are dedicated to service and quality. We source the freshest ingredients and use our secret family recipes. In addition, we bring an unmatched passion for great Italian food. Making our dining room feel like your home is our ultimate goal. We Are Your Neighborhood Italian Restaurant.

Above all, call ahead for carry-out or reservations. In addition, we’re open every day at 1:00pm so call (725) 605-3800. After that, remember that we also deliver through Doordash and Grubhub.

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