Anna Marie’s Pizza Oven

Anna Marie's Pizza Oven

Anna Marie’s pizza oven is not just a regular pizza oven. Sure it’s a commercial grade oven that heats above 500 degrees. Yes it makes pizzas, calzones and baked pastas. However, the oven itself becomes seasoned the more it is used. While our oven is a regular oven, we also use a wood fired pizza oven. Between these two, our pizzas are delivered to your table or to your door, hot and fresh.

Anna Marie’s Pizza Oven

A regular pizza oven comes with a stone bottom to allow for maximum heating. The stones stay hot and over time become what is called seasoned. The stones capture the flavors of the dough and catch all the drippings from the pizzas. This seasoning process takes time but when using the finest ingredients, it’s worth the wait.

Each morning the stones in our oven are cleaned. Not a deep cleaning like one may think of. Just a light brushing that removes any drippings or crust from the night before. It’s a gentle process and prepares the oven and stones for the day to come. As each pizza is served and pastas are baked, the stones become more and more seasoned. Every oven provides a distinct flavor depending on the ingredients. We believe our oven delivers excellent flavors to the enjoyment of all that taste our pies.

Wood Fired Pizza

A wood fire oven is a fantastic way to cook and enjoy your pizza. While the bottom of the oven has stones like a regular oven, wood is added providing a separate flavor. The pizza is placed as close to the fire and wood as possible. The expert pizza maker turns the pie to ensure even cooking. This process gives the pie a crispy crust around the outside but still a chewy crust towards the middle. You have to try is to experience the full flavor.

Anna Marie’s

For your next pizza pie, call Anna Marie’s at (725) 605-3800 today. Try the Anna Marie’s Carry-Out special: One Large Cheese Pie and Eight Chicken Wings ONLY $21+tax.

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