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Family Dining at Anna Marie’s

Family Dining at Anna Marie's

Family Dining at Anna Marie’s is the best. For the past few years,” family style dining” has been all the rage for restaurants in Las Vegas. But, the average diner may not be aware of exactly what makes family style dining different from the typical restaurant experience. However, at Anna Marie’s we cater to, what we call Family Dining.

What is Family Dining?

Family dining is based on the experience of sharing a home-cooked meal with friends and family in your home. When you go to a typical restaurant the server drops the food and usually it’s pretty good. With our food, the recipes are family recipes, while you don’t see them, our two main chefs are family. Our head pizza maker is family and one of our servers are part of the same family. Here, we feature the best Italian on Las Vegas, a full bar, and a moderately priced menu. And you are part of our family.

Dining at Anna Marie’s

Just picture the warm, inviting atmosphere of sharing a family dinner at home with good food and great company. That’s what we are recreating for you.

That is to say, it’s the perfect dining experience for those looking for something a little more welcoming and casual than your typical fancy dinner. Sharing food naturally gives your guests a reason to chat with their neighbor and relax. Plus, if you have some people with appetites that are especially large or small, we give them the chance to eat exactly what they want.

Try Family Dining With Us

Most importantly, if you want a welcoming, laid back dining experience that offers all the friendship and laughter of a home cooked meal (without all the cooking and dishes!) then come in and give us a shot.

Therefore, at Anna Marie’s, “We Are Your Neighborhood Italian Restaurant!”

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