2019 - Anna Marie's

Year: 2019

Anna Marie’s Family Tradition

Anna Marie’s family tradition. Locally owned, family restaurant we are in Las Vegas, Nevada. The location is non-traditional but our reputation quickly grows. Dedicated to the restaurant business, Anna Marie and Ralph Pota ar [...]

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Anna Marie's Desserts

Anna Marie’s Desserts

Anna Marie’s Desserts are just as important and the appetizer.  We take the entire meal seriously but our dessert selection is second to none. With these spectacular desserts, there is truly something for everyone: The Desser [...]

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Seafood at Anna Marie's

Seafood In Las Vegas

Seafood in Las Vegas isn’t that hard to find. Great seafood on the other hand is a little more difficult. At Anna Marie’s we source only the finest seafood to make every dish. From salmon and shrimp to clams and mussels, we r [...]

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